Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy Bee

Recently, I have been totally occupied by school work. It has just been one project after another, all thrown together with exams and other school work. Ahhh... at least finals are coming up and I couldn't be more excited. Excited for finals??! I am just ready to get them over with, because after I finish the semester my future hubby and I are going on a road trip to South Carolina! We cannot wait to get up there. Last time I went to visit I toured an animal preserve with my mom and brother. I am really hoping mKw and I will have time to take the tour, since last time we only got to take a picture with a monkey. It was an amazing experience. I'll let some pics speak for themselves!

My mom brother and I with the Liger... 
yes they are real thanks Napoleon Dynamite. lol
What a great family picture.

I loved this little girl Maya! Isn't she sweet?

I was super excited to meet the elephant Bubbles, because 
elephants are my FAVORITE animal! (:

If we don't have time for the tour I hope we can
visit the picture station again!

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The Brunette Suburbanite said... [Reply]

Your trip to the animal preserve looked like fun. So jealous you got to be so close to an elephant! I love elephants.