Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Start of Something New

Some say, "Happy wife happy life." In my mKw's (my fiancé) case it is Preppy Wife Preppy Life! mKw and I have been together for over 6 years. After we got engaged this past November, naturally we started talking about what married life will be like. It came down to us realizing that a preppy wife means a preppy life. Embracing our already preppy lifestyles we are excited to get married and begin this new chapter in our lives. Read along as I transition to a preppy wife, plan my wedding, and finish my senior year of nursing school!

3 Sweet Comments:

Hopelessly Southern said... [Reply]

Welcome friend! xoxo

Kimberly O. said... [Reply]

Excited for more.

Lauren said... [Reply]

i'm very excited to read more! your layout is adorable and i can't wait to hear all about your wedding plans! ps. that prom pic in the right is precious!