Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wish List

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
Just a few things I have been frequently thinking about. 
'Le Pliage- Large' Tote Bag in Beige

Lilly Pulitzer
Blossom Dress- First Impression 

Honestly these are the only two things I would like to purchase right now. I am waiting for the Lilly dress to go on sale or buy it on re-lilly (I'm a sz 2- if anyone sees anything!). It would be perfect for my graduation in August, and they have a matching tie I can get for mKw! Have a terrific Tuesday. xoxo

Is there anything you have been thinking 
about purchasing lately?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

His strenghth is perfect

At church this morning our pastor sang one of my favorite Steven Curtis Chapman songs. 

His Strength is Perfect

Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday. <3  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Girls night~!

Every Wednesday mKw and I have a small group with couples we know from a local church. We have gained so many amazing friendships and really enjoy spending time with everyone. Yesterday instead of our normal group we celebrated a birthday. Us girls took the birthday girl to an amazing movie theatre, while the guys hung out and played pool. The theatre had a restaurant inside and all 6 of us ordered a delicious chicken piccata entrée, complete with pinot grigio!
We saw Something Borrowed 
& loved it! via

The gorgeous hallway to the luxurious theatre ! 

Stadium seating with large leather chairs... so comfy! 

It was a relaxing girls night, which we all really enjoyed! I seriously love this theatre!

What did you do on your last girls night? 

Hope y'all have a great Friday tomorrow!! <3   

P.S. Don't forget to go over to nautical by nature and enter her giveaway to win a Marley Lilly monogrammed clutch! Which would be perfect for ANY girls night! <3  
So cute right!? I just love Marley Lilly... especially their adorable monogrammed hats! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tj Maxx Tuesday!

Today I had Hope Hospice orientation. We are volunteering this summer to get clinical hours. When we got out mKw and I went to Moe's for lunch with KLR (little miss southern love) and her boyfriend [KP]. After I decided to swing by Tj Maxx. While I was shopping around I found some Lilly Pulitzer!

Lilly Swim Suit bottoms TJ Maxx- $19.99
Retail- $58 & $68

Lilly pajama pants that KLR- little miss southern love got me last week!
TJ Maxx- $15 Retail- $58

Sadly they had no matching tops for the swimsuit bottoms, but I thought the bottoms were too cute to pass up. They are very comfortable too! I just love fab finds like these. <3 
Do you ever have good luck at TJ Maxx?

Also be sure to stop by Sweet Southern Prep! She is hosting a great giveaway from It's a Girl Thing!! They have so many adorable monogram gifts. I truly love the pillows that they have. You can find Sweet Southern Prep's button on the right when you scroll down. There is also a picture for the giveaway underneath SSP's button.. click on it & you will go directly to the post! Don't forget to tell her I sent you! <3 

Hope y'all had a great Tuesday! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monogram Monday- Weddings

Every time I think about our wedding there are a few monogram ideas come to mind. I am so excited to get married to my high school sweetheart and be able to use my new monogram! <3  I can't wait to register for monogrammed stuff either. cough cough pottery barn! (;

The pink is just my favorite

Monogramed Wedding Bouquet 

Stephen Bonanno custom sandals for the reception.
I really like the white and gold. 

I saw this on tumblr the other day and just loved it.
It would be great to have such a nice keepsake in our home.

What do you think? 
P.S. Thank your everyone for following me! 
I can't believe I am at 50 followers! <3 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

South Carolina

It's been a week since we have returned from South Carolina and I already would love to go back. There is just something about all the old plantations and the preppy atmosphere that just calls my name. I do love my Florida beaches though. <3

Dinner the first night we arrived 

Riding through Charleston in a horse drawn carriage

Cute sign at the market

Boone Hall Plantation <3 

Bonne Hall Plantation 

Hopsewee Plantation

Me and my future hubby after dinner on night

 Brooke Green Gardens

mKw at Broadway at the beach

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I didn't get my wordless wedding wednesday post up yesterday... there is always next week. (:

I thought I would take some time to express how thankful I am for my friends and family.

I am very blessed to be marrying such a supportive and caring person. <3  

my besties
My maid of honor {rHj} & Matron of honor {kCl}
Knowing I always have them to run to means the world to me!

my family
My cousins along with the rest of my family are always there for me
and even though we may not live as close as we would like... 
I know they would be with me in a flash if I needed them. 

my best friend from nursing school
I am so lucky I got to surround myself with such wonderful 
people in nursing school. {KLR} --> little miss southern love is 
such a sweet genuine person and I am so glad I met her! I really enjoy
spending time with her, we always have so much fun together. BIG NEWS..
I couldn't be more exited right now. <3  

Often people say they are thankful for things. God has richly blessed my life with an abundance of love and friendship & I am so grateful for Him. <3  

Who are you thankful for?  

Monday, May 16, 2011


After receiving a few questions I figured now would be a good time to catch everyone up! (:

A little about me [bAs]

  • I have wanted to be a nurse since first grade
  • I love cinderella and Disney
  • I am ready to start monograming everything with my new initials [bKs] (:

A little about us [bAs + mKw]

  • High School Sweethearts
  • Dating since Feb 20, 2005
  • Seniors in College- Graduating Dec 2011

The Engagement - November 19, 2010
After dating for almost 6 years, mKw planned a weekend getaway with some of our friends (Totally typical planning surprises). We arrived to our hotel in Orlando with kCl (my college BFF), sCp (kCl's husband), and rHj (my high school BFF). rHj's boyfriend was supposed to come, but he wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it. When we checked in mKw told me we were going to Disney! It was the perfect surprise to relieve stress from school!
We got ready in the room then headed over to Disney's Magic Kingdom. The entire night was a blast! We had hot chocolate and cookies, watches fireworks, saw the parade, and went on rides.
We always have to get a picture w/ mouse ears, duh!
At the end of the night we went to take
pictures by the castle.
When it was time for mKw and I to take a picture sCp
 took my camera. He took one picture and said it turned
out blurry... he then counted, 1..2..3. I felt mKw leave
my side and when I turned to look......
He was down on one knee!!! I immediately started crying.
[::.happy tears.::] I always thought that because we have dated for so long I wouldn't be too emotional when he asked me to marry him. WRONG! The moment he asked me to marry him was perfect and I will never forget how amazing it was. One of the first things I said was did you ask my dad?.. They had actually met up that morning and had breakfast!
My prince charming calling his family. 

Me calling my parents and family. 
My ring on the holder rHj got me!
Precious moments from kCl and sCp. kCl made
the ring to go on top of the flower!  
Magical fireworks!!
Now we are planning our wedding and 
preparing for our happily ever after! <3  

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Don't use foul or abusive language. Let everything your say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those that hear them.
Ephesians 4:29

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!