Monday, May 16, 2011


After receiving a few questions I figured now would be a good time to catch everyone up! (:

A little about me [bAs]

  • I have wanted to be a nurse since first grade
  • I love cinderella and Disney
  • I am ready to start monograming everything with my new initials [bKs] (:

A little about us [bAs + mKw]

  • High School Sweethearts
  • Dating since Feb 20, 2005
  • Seniors in College- Graduating Dec 2011

The Engagement - November 19, 2010
After dating for almost 6 years, mKw planned a weekend getaway with some of our friends (Totally typical planning surprises). We arrived to our hotel in Orlando with kCl (my college BFF), sCp (kCl's husband), and rHj (my high school BFF). rHj's boyfriend was supposed to come, but he wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it. When we checked in mKw told me we were going to Disney! It was the perfect surprise to relieve stress from school!
We got ready in the room then headed over to Disney's Magic Kingdom. The entire night was a blast! We had hot chocolate and cookies, watches fireworks, saw the parade, and went on rides.
We always have to get a picture w/ mouse ears, duh!
At the end of the night we went to take
pictures by the castle.
When it was time for mKw and I to take a picture sCp
 took my camera. He took one picture and said it turned
out blurry... he then counted, 1..2..3. I felt mKw leave
my side and when I turned to look......
He was down on one knee!!! I immediately started crying.
[::.happy tears.::] I always thought that because we have dated for so long I wouldn't be too emotional when he asked me to marry him. WRONG! The moment he asked me to marry him was perfect and I will never forget how amazing it was. One of the first things I said was did you ask my dad?.. They had actually met up that morning and had breakfast!
My prince charming calling his family. 

Me calling my parents and family. 
My ring on the holder rHj got me!
Precious moments from kCl and sCp. kCl made
the ring to go on top of the flower!  
Magical fireworks!!
Now we are planning our wedding and 
preparing for our happily ever after! <3  

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Cricket said... [Reply]

oh my goodness, that is just the cutest story! and what precious pictures! congratulations

Miss Southern Prep said... [Reply]

What a sweet proposal story! I love the pictures, and your ring is gorgeous!!

Pamela said... [Reply]

How sweet is this!! Love the pictures :)

Amanda said... [Reply]

LOVE the pictures! Great proposal story :)

Sundresses and Smiles said... [Reply]

What a cute story!!

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

You were engaged on my birthday! :)

What a sweet story! So sweet and how lucky you are to have pictures of it!

xoxo, elizabeth
Life with Elizabeth

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Caitlin C. said... [Reply]

Your proposal story is so so cute! It looks like you've found a winner :) Oh and I love the picture of you two when you're young!

Summer Wind said... [Reply]

How cute!!! Congrats!! I just came across your blog and am your newest follower!

Laura Darling said... [Reply]

This is such a sweet story! Love the pictures!

Chrissy said... [Reply]

I loved reading this. What an incredible proposal. I wish you two nothing but the best <3

Amanda said... [Reply]

Such a sweet proposal! And your ring is gorgeous!

little miss southern love. said... [Reply]

Love this engagement post! and you & MK too!


Southern Charm said... [Reply]

Oh my, teared up. Thats such a sweet and precious moment.

aCc said... [Reply]

What an adorable story!!! How *perfect*!!! <3