Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tj Maxx Tuesday!

Today I had Hope Hospice orientation. We are volunteering this summer to get clinical hours. When we got out mKw and I went to Moe's for lunch with KLR (little miss southern love) and her boyfriend [KP]. After I decided to swing by Tj Maxx. While I was shopping around I found some Lilly Pulitzer!

Lilly Swim Suit bottoms TJ Maxx- $19.99
Retail- $58 & $68

Lilly pajama pants that KLR- little miss southern love got me last week!
TJ Maxx- $15 Retail- $58

Sadly they had no matching tops for the swimsuit bottoms, but I thought the bottoms were too cute to pass up. They are very comfortable too! I just love fab finds like these. <3 
Do you ever have good luck at TJ Maxx?

Also be sure to stop by Sweet Southern Prep! She is hosting a great giveaway from It's a Girl Thing!! They have so many adorable monogram gifts. I truly love the pillows that they have. You can find Sweet Southern Prep's button on the right when you scroll down. There is also a picture for the giveaway underneath SSP's button.. click on it & you will go directly to the post! Don't forget to tell her I sent you! <3 

Hope y'all had a great Tuesday! 

8 Sweet Comments:

mFw said... [Reply]

Great finds!!! Guess I should go check out my Tjs!!!

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@mFw I can find some really great deals there! You should check it out. (:

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

Love these! You can always find mis-matched tops to wear with the bottoms and still look super cute!

I have great luck on housewares and those type things at my local TJMaxx but whenever they have Lilly - I never find anything in my size. :(

xoxo, elizabeth

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Elizabeth Thanks Elizabeth! I am hoping I can find some tops to match. I love the housewares section also. Finding Lilly as soon as it comes in is usually the only time I can get it. I got lucky this time! (:

RLW said... [Reply]

ohmahgoodness I love me some TJ Maxx! Sometimes I have more luck {I have never seen Lilly there!} than others, but I can almost always find a pair of shoes! ;)
Thanks for following!

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@RLW Yes they always have cute shoes! (:
Thank your for following me too darlin'!

Bless Your Heart said... [Reply]

these are amazing finds! i am so impressed! i simple ADORE my lilly suits. so cute!

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Bless Your Heart Thanks! I love great deals from Tj!