Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wish List

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
Just a few things I have been frequently thinking about. 
'Le Pliage- Large' Tote Bag in Beige

Lilly Pulitzer
Blossom Dress- First Impression 

Honestly these are the only two things I would like to purchase right now. I am waiting for the Lilly dress to go on sale or buy it on re-lilly (I'm a sz 2- if anyone sees anything!). It would be perfect for my graduation in August, and they have a matching tie I can get for mKw! Have a terrific Tuesday. xoxo

Is there anything you have been thinking 
about purchasing lately?

15 Sweet Comments:

Southern Living: Preppy Style said... [Reply]

Love the First Impression print though I haven't bought anything in it yet (though I did try to Clare dress, but didn't like the ruffles).

Rachel said... [Reply]

I love the blossom dress! That print is one of my favs!
I'm currently in the market for a new monogrammed pool tote!

Greer's Gossip said... [Reply]

Love that Lilly dress as well!!!

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

I tried to comment on this yesterday and Blogger was not cooperating!

I love this dress! I have a different dress in the same print. I think its a great graduation choice and you can wear it to wedding events, too! Plus - it matches your blog background.

Love the Longchamp bag as well - beige is such a classy, grown-up choice.

xoxo, elizabeth

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Southern Living: Preppy Style It is one of my favorite prints at the moment! Hopefully you will find something. (:

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Rachel I have a Vineyard Vines beach bag right now and I love it! I want to get it monogrammed with my new initials as soon as I can.

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Greer's Gossip It is just too cute to pass up, but I will try to be patient! <3 lol

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

Thanks for commenting!! <3

I definitely agree Elizabeth! I was thinking I could wear it to a shower or something also.

I think the beige will go with just about everything. Hopefully I can find a way to get it soon! xoxo

Caitlin C. said... [Reply]

I have the Blossom dress! I love, love how it fits and the colors are so bright and pretty. You should definitely buy it!! :)

soanthro said... [Reply]

Ah I bought the First Impression print in a shift style and am wearing it to my brother's graduation this weekend! It was annoyingly expensive but I promised myself I'd get lots of use out of it!

Cricket said... [Reply]

I'm loving the LP dress, especially in that print, it's just precious! Lilsis has the Longchamp in the Beige and loves it, I think I might get it for myself too because the color is so versatile and much better for the summer than my black one.

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Caitlin C. I especially love the pockets! It is such a cute dress! Hopefully I wont be gradating without it! (:

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@soanthro Very cute! I am sure you will find occasions to wear it. Have fun at your brother's graduation! xoxo

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Cricket I Thanks I don't think I can pass up this LP dress. Totally agree on the Longchamp! The beige is super versatile and perfect for summer. <3

Miss Lindsay said... [Reply]

I have been wanting the tote in that color for a long time!! I'm just worried it will get dirty. My black one has held up so well.
Cuteeee dress! If I see it onsale you will be the first to know!