Saturday, June 18, 2011

Graduation dress!

I GOT IT! I am super excited that I got the dress I wanted for graduation... which can totally be used for a wedding shower as well, which Elizabeth had mentioned. Graduation keeps getting closer and I cannot wait! Did I mention I CAN'T WAIT! Nursing school has been fun, but I am ready to say good-bye to studying and tests. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I have two tests this week  so I will be a busy bee. 

6 Sweet Comments:

BelleinBows said... [Reply]

I love that dress!!

little miss southern love. said... [Reply]

I love this dress! You will look so great at graduation :)


Amanda said... [Reply]

I bet you are going to look gorgeous in that dress! Can't wait to see pictures :)

Val said... [Reply]

Super Cute Dress!!

Sarah Jane said... [Reply]

Love this dress, talk about a fun pattern. Its perfect for graduation. I am your newest follower, I discovered your blog today. I love it so far!


Ashley Sloan said... [Reply]

Oh my gosh I LOVE that dress!!! So adorable! And congrats on graduating! I just graduated in Marketing recently! I was looking for dresses but couldn't find one in time :( By the way found you through Amanda's blog award!

Ashley Sloan