Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lilly Beach Day

Today I am heading down to the beach... wearing a Lilly Pulitzer swimsuit of course! I am genuinely looking forward to a relaxing day, combined with some studying. Little Miss Southern Love and I are sun worshipers when we can escape the pressures of nursing school. I must mention we are pretty good at wearing sunscreen, so no worries there. We have a test and a quiz tomorrow. With that being said we will have to be somewhat productive while getting some sun. (: 

Little Miss Southern Love & I at our pre graduation celebration last Friday. Dress was semi formal meaning Lilly Pulitzer for us! (: The dinner was at a beautiful venue near the water. 

Are you wearing Lilly Pulitzer today? 

10 Sweet Comments:

Morgan said... [Reply]

I LOVE both of your Lilly dresses! So cute! I am so jealous that you both will be at the beach today while I am stuck inside! At least I still have my Lilly! Hope you have a fun day!


Amanda said... [Reply]

If I had known, I would have worn Lilly today!!

cAc said... [Reply]

oh my gosh this entire post is adorable! Love your dresses! Is it weird I didn't know y'all were friends? How fun!!!! Happy Lilly Day!!!!

Emily said... [Reply]

you look gorgeous in that dress I love it!

Caitlin C. said... [Reply]

You girls looked beautiful in your lilly dresses! Unfortunately, we have to wear business attire to my internship, so lilly was out of the equation :( I was so sad!

Miss Lindsay said... [Reply]

PRETTY IN PINK!!!!! You both look lovely :)

Pink Champagne said... [Reply]

You look gorgeous! So happy to have found you and cannot wait to follow, my fellow Lilly-lover!

True Southern Prep said... [Reply]

Love you both of your dresses! gorgeous! :)

Southern Belle said... [Reply]

You guys look beautiful! Love both of the dresses and the beach in the background.

Sundresses and Smiles said... [Reply]

Such a pretty picture of you two! I want a Lilly bikini!