Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Seersucker

Today is going to be a short post, because I am celebrating mKw's birthday!! <3 Lately mKw and I have really been discussing some wedding details. I have left the suit choice up to him to make because... 1. I trust his judgement 2. I want him to wear what he wants. Right now he seems set on something like the image below for the groomsmen. He would wear the same suit with a white bow tie and shirt. I like the idea of him looking different from the groomsmen so people don't have to play where's waldo The Groom. lol

I love this and hope mKw sticks with this choice. (:

Here are some other seersucker combinations that we saw...


I just had to throw in this picture I found on the knot!
I just thought it was so weird!

Did/would you let your fiancé pick out
his wedding day outfit?

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Elizabeth said... [Reply]

Monogrammed toilet paper is so silly! Haha...what a waste of money!

LOVE the seersucker suit idea. That is so cute (and southern)! I hope he sticks with it too :)

My fiance has complete creative control over his suit/tux choice as well (as long as it isn't powder blue!) I totally agree - they should get to wear whatever they want on their day too!

xoxo, elizabeth

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

Haha, I just had to share the toilet paper.

Thanks! I was excited when my Fiancé brought it up. We went to look at the suits the other day and he really liked them

That sounds great. I think it makes them excited and more comfortable. You are right, it is there day too!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said... [Reply]

I LOVE love love love a man in seersucker for a wedding! Both choices are super adorable but I have to say, if it's a summer wedding, I'm loving the tan with the pink bowtie, too cute!

True Southern Prep said... [Reply]

LOVE the seersucker<3 so classic and beautiful!

Summer Wind said... [Reply]

The toilet paper gave me a laugh! Love the seersucker idea!

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Southern Living: Preppy Style Thanks! Everyone says that the seersucker definitely fits his personality. It's a spring wedding! The tan sounds cute too. (:

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@True Southern Prep Thanks! He can wear the jacket after we get married too. You couldn't have said it better... classic & beautiful!

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Summer Wind
I just had to post the toilet paper! It was just too funny! Thanks, he loves seersucker! <3

Sundresses and Smiles said... [Reply]

Hmm..I think I would let me fiance pick with my approval, haha! I'm kind of a control freak, hehe! I love the seersucker choice, though!

Miss Lindsay said... [Reply]

I LOVE THE SEERSUCKER IDEA!!! That is awesome he wants to go with it.
The toilet paper is hilarious.

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Sundresses and Smiles Thanks! I am very happy about the seersucker! <3 I thought I was going to want to control everything, but I am all of a sudden pretty laid back.

♡ bAs said... [Reply]

@Miss Lindsay Thanks! He is actually really excited about it! (: I though the toilet paper was a silly one to end with. lol