Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whoa whoa... it's been over one week!

Wow. I have been super busy with summer classes. Nursing school is no joke, lol! This coming week isn't going to slow down either... the studying is never ends.

The great news is I recently got to spent some time with my friend dSn!!! Two years ago I went to visit dSn at the beach, while she was on her annual family vacation. She asked me to be a Bridesmaid in her wedding.... NOW two years later I asked her to be a Bridesmaid in my wedding while visiting her and her family at the beach! (:

Here are some pictures from dSn's wedding a little over a year ago. 
Side note: After the wedding her and her hubby moved to GERMANY for his job. So she is just here visiting for a little bit and then is heading back to Germany... No worries she will be back for the wedding of course. <3  

dSn & I at her reception... it was on a boat!

Guess who caught the bouquet... DUH! (; 
mKw didn't make it to dSn's wedding because the he had to be at another wedding, but our friend Josh caught the garter for him. hehe. 

Hope y'all had a great Tuesday! I will be catching up on my backed up google reader as soon as I can! 

5 Sweet Comments:

cAc said... [Reply]

That's too cute that you'll both have been in each other's wedding after yours! Good luck with all of your work!

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

This is so sweet! I love that you and your friend are both in each other's wedding - what great memories this will make.

Good luck on all your work! Summer classes are taking up all my time too! :( BTW, my new header is from Munchkin Land Designs (you can find the link on last Wednesday's Post). She is fabulous and reasonably priced!

Brittany said... [Reply]

Great pictures! Thank you for sharing!

Amanda said... [Reply]

Happy Wednesday! Stop being so busy friend! I miss getting more updates on your life!

But, I understand that nursing school is a high priority. :)

Erin said... [Reply]

i love your blog! :) thanks for your sweet comment on mine! can't wait to follow your posts in the future!