Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Elizabeth again! 

Lately I have noticed I have been slacking on some planning and need to step it up when I have some time off from nursing school in August! (: I have recently been perusing pictures to inspire centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner and reception and I have come to the conclusion... I really like mason jars and will probably fill my home with them! Here are some of my favorite pictures that I have found. 

Isn't this such a neat idea? I just had to share it! {via}

So creative! {via}

Beautiful floral arrangements {via}

So cute! {via}

At my married bestie's {kCl} wedding her florist used our bridesmaid bouquets in the centerpieces. I thought This was a great idea. It puts the bouquets on display instead of just laying around at the reception. So with my 8 Bridesmaids I would like them possibly in mason jars on the head table. 

What do you think?

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Melissa said... [Reply]

Yes!! We are uncorporating mason jars in put wedding... Can't wait to share pictures with you! I collect the blue mason jars and use them as vases and wine cork holders in our house!

Jess said... [Reply]

I love love the mason jar idea. My theme is shabby country chic, so Im trying to incorporate them into my centerpieces as well.

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

I love the mason jars as well! We've talked about using them at our rehearsal dinner since the theme is very casual.

All the pictures you've found are adorable. The lace doily one is my fav!

Delaney said... [Reply]

Loving the uses of mason jars!

soanthro said... [Reply]

Love these! Totally just put "mason jar crafts" on my weekend to-do list haha!

SabrinaK said... [Reply]

Hi, I am your newest follower. stop by some time!



Elizabeth said... [Reply]

I am loving your idea to email dress pics! I hate that I can't post pics of my actual dress on my blog for a whole year! I'll definitely email you a top secret photo!

Amanda said... [Reply]

I love the mason jar idea! Especially with the flowers in them :)

[Duke and Duchess] said... [Reply]

I loved the mason jar idea too! Our wedding happened so fast that I didnt have time to collect... so start collecting... but these are all great ideas... we used my bridesmaids bouquets for the head tables too... we had long tables and just laid them down facing out and also we used them on the cake table.. it added a little something to a very plain table...