Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have completed my 6th semester of nursing school! 
I cannot believe I only have one more to go! 

I would be celebrating, but I have come down with an unknown illness and the Dr. put me on antibiotics. All I have to say is I am thankful it is not pneumonia.  All of my symptoms had them thinking it was, but the chest x-ray came back clear, thank goodness! Right now I am just praying that the antibiotics do the trick and I will be better in no time. (: So I may be behind on blogging somewhat because I am totally exhausted and have a wedding coming up this weekend. I will take lots of pictures to share though. 

Tomorrow I will be packing, cleaning, and am getting a well-deserved mani pedi with Little Miss Southern Love

Hope y'all have a happy hump day! 

11 Sweet Comments:

WholeHeartedly Hannah said... [Reply]

Congrats on completing your sixth semester! And feel better soon :)

Cricket said... [Reply]

Congrats!!!!!! xo

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

Glad it isn't pneumonia! I had it my freshman year of college and it was a nightmare! Hope you get some much needed rest and feel better asap!

Congrats on finishing the semester!!! xoxo

Delaney said... [Reply]

Congrats! Feel better!

Turtles and Pearls said... [Reply]

Congratulations! Can't believe you're sick :( Feel better!

cAc said... [Reply]

So exciting! Feel better soon!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said... [Reply]

Hope you feel better! You will be a nurse before you know it! :)

little miss southern love. said... [Reply]

So glad your done! I can't wait to be done next week. Feel better :) See you tomorrow for our mani/pedi date :)


Rebecca said... [Reply]

aww im sick too =[ hope you get better!

terri said... [Reply]

Wow, congrats to you, what an accomplishment!!

Lindsay said... [Reply]

congrats! that is so exciting!