Monday, August 29, 2011

Back on Track!

I have been so busy getting settled after my vacation and starting my last semester of nursing school! I am excited to get into a weekly routine, so I can get back to my blogging and reading! Luckily I have some great tools to help me keep organized this semester! Here is my must have list for Fall semester...

Lilly Pulitzer planner! (: 
I love having a daily agenda. Being able to write down my schedule and to-do list is always helpful. 
Apple OS X Lion
I recently got the newest desktop operating system by Apple. It is fabulous and I know it will help me multitask while completing projects and studying. If you have a mac you should definitely check it out! 

Staedtler pens are my favorite. 
I like to color coordinate my planner and notes, so these are perfect. For example I like to write personal plans in pink, class in green, and exams in orange. I find this to be very helpful when I glance at my week to see if I need to study or complete a project. 

I originally downloaded this app because it had an elephant as the icon, but then I discovered how useful it is. For school to-do lists and wedding planning, Evernote helps me remember everything! Since I have OS X Lion I can have evernote on my macbook in addition to my iPhone.

Do you have any favorite organizational tools? If you do feel free to share them in the comment box. Have a great Monday!

5 Sweet Comments:

Emily said... [Reply]

I have a vera bradley planner because I like the design better but the patterns on the lilly are so cute!

xx Emily @

Rachel said... [Reply]

I was just thinking this morning I need to get a Lilly planner! Thanks for the reminder! ;)

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

Ahh I love the Lilly planner! The design is so cute! I always use Vera Bradley planners because I like the way they're set up.

Love Staedtler pens too! I also color code everything! xoxo

Amanda said... [Reply]

Look at you staying organized! I still haven't found a system to keep me fully organized (I still write my lists on little pieces of scrap paper.) Working full-time, I don't exactly need an agenda since I have a separate list system for at-work stuff. But if I were in your shoes, I would probably utilize all of this!

Hannah said... [Reply]

I'm thinking about getting OSX Lion. Do you recommend it?? Great list!