Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday!

Linking up Elizabeth again (:

After I got back from my mini vacation from nursing school, I had a small amount of time to prepare to start school and get some wedding stuff done. I started getting really nervous about finding bridesmaid dresses. So I asked 3 of my girls (all of my local bridesmaids) if we could go shopping. It was literally spur of the moment, I asked them the night before and they all were free. It was perfect... even more so when our hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress was complete. 

I called to make appointments at three places right before they closed. At the first place we did not see much, but it was a nice place to start. I liked these, but they did not come in any color that I was looking for.

Then the second boutique carried prom attire along with bridal gowns. My mom encourage my maid of honor [rHj] to try some on. Here was one that I sent to my Bridesmaids as a joke. It was the pink that we were looking for, haha!

Then we moved on to Bridesmaid dresses!

 Top picks from bridal shop #2..  of course they came in pink!

my besties- rHj, kRl, and kCl

On to Bridal Shop #3 (Where I bought my wedding dress!!)

Had to post this of Little Miss Southern Love! Isn't she stunning!?
I liked some long dresses, but I think short would be more comfortable for a Florida wedding. 

Now for the dress my Bridesmaids will be wearing!! 
My lovely ladies will be wearing this preppy dress in PINK! (: 
All of us after a very successful day!

I was so nervous that I would never be able to decide. Then it came along when we least expected it. I also tried on my wedding dress (Not my actual dress) for Little Miss Southern Love & rHj, kCl was with me when I bought it. Mine should actually arrive any day now... I cannot wait!!

Let me know what you think! 
Happy Tuesday everyone!!

10 Sweet Comments:

Erin said... [Reply]

aw LOVE what you chose! love reading your blog :)



Elizabeth said... [Reply]

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dress you chose! Its such a pretty shade of pink and something your bridesmaids can definitely wear again and again - I know they're grateful for this!

Thanks for linking up! xoxo

soanthro said... [Reply]

So sweet!! That dress is gorgeous, you are going to have such a precious and beautiful wedding!!

Amanda said... [Reply]

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Bee! I can't wait to see what the dresses look like in pink. You're going to have a beautiful wedding, I just know it :)

little miss southern love. said... [Reply]

yipee!! I love this post and I love you! Can't wait to wear this fab dress on your big day!


Legal Preppy said... [Reply]

Adore what you picked out for your bridesmaids! Absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see what you picked for yourself! xo, LP

Just Ask Beth said... [Reply]

classic and beautiful..great choice!

cAc said... [Reply]

Lovely choice! I can't imagine the stress of it all but it's fab you have a great group of girls as a support group!

Miss Lindsay said... [Reply]

Hhaha the joke dress is great. I bet it was a fun day!

Mademoiselle Michael said... [Reply]

What a lovely dress! It's elegant and a very flattering cut on all figures. Perfect! And I'm LOVING that the gentlemen will be wearing seersucker.

I used to be a wedding coordinator, and one of my favorite parts of the day was seeing the bridesmaids' dresses that my brides picked (and of course their own dresses too)! All the best to you:) MademoiselleMichael