Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sweet Southern Love

Today mKw and I have been together for six and a half years. <3 
That is equal to 78 months,
338 weeks & six days,
2,372 days,
56,928 hours, or
3,415,680 minuets!

How can 6.5 years go by so fast?!

3 years
4 years
DDD & SAE <3  
First day of nursing school 

Have a great day y'all!! 

11 Sweet Comments:

Rebecca said... [Reply]

so cute!!
are y'all both in nursing school?

miss andrea lee said... [Reply]

Congrats! You guys are so cute together! We had our 6.5 years a few days ago too!

soanthro said... [Reply]

Ohh my goodness you two are just the cutest. You can just tell how in love you are from the photos, so great and inspirational to see!! :)

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

You two are precious! Congrats on six and a half years! Love all the pictures! xoxo

Turtles and Pearls said... [Reply]

Its crazy seeing how much you both have grown up! Happy six and a half years!

Texan Couture said... [Reply]

Happy Anniversary! You two are so cute together!

cAc said... [Reply]

Love seeing how things have progressed! Y'all are too cute!

Amanda said... [Reply]

HAPPPY HAPPY HAPPY anni (kind of) versary! You two are picture perfect :)

ashley said... [Reply]

you two are so cute!

True Southern Prep said... [Reply]

Your blog is always the sweetest thing!!

Jess said... [Reply]

CONGRATS!!! Here's to forever more!