Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Engagement Photo Props

Linking up with Elizabeth again for Bridal Talk Tuesday!

MK and I REALLY need to get our engagement pictures done. We are still working on our outfits... we have changed our minds like 39874234 times, but I do have a few crafts that I would like to make. I am also hoping that on Friday we can go exploring for some unique spots to take our pictures. Which will hopefully inspire our outfit choices because right now we have about 4-5 each. 
For now here are my prop ideas via Pinterest

What do y'all think!?
If you have any cute ideas feel free to share!

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pittsburghprepster said... [Reply]

I love the save the date chalkboards! My friend just had these on hers and they were so creative!

Sarah said... [Reply]

I love those ideas! They're so cute!

southernsomedays.blogspot.com said... [Reply]

I just started following your blog!:)
I'm in the same boat about planning our engagement picture clothes except mine are next weekend,yikes! I just ordered an Elizabeth McKay dress for one of our locations,so I'm hoping that will work out!

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

I love all your cute ideas! The Save the Date chalkboards are precious! I can't wait to see your pictures!

Amanda said... [Reply]

It makes sense why all of these were showing up in my Pinterest feed today! Love all your choices...I don't even know which would be my favorite. :)

Fashion Meets Food said... [Reply]

I love all of these props for pictures! I wish I would have been this creative for my engagement photos.


little miss southern love. said... [Reply]

Love these! So far KP and I have our green moss covered large "P" and our burlap banner that we still have to make! haha.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said... [Reply]

Ahh yes I remember doing engagement pictures and we also changed our outfits a bagillion times ha! Well actually I was the one who kept changing my mind. I love the second set of photos where the couple is holding to & sign! Cute!

Claire said... [Reply]

OOOH I love the & one! Especially the shadow! Can't wait to do mine!

Shannon said... [Reply]

Found your blog after seeing your comment on mine :) thank ya, thank ya, btw :)

Can I just say that we pretty much love the same exact things!?! (minus the UF part...since I'm an FSU alum..that makes us arch enemies!)

LOVE your blog, and LOVING your engagement ideas! I doubt I'll ever be getting engaged again, but I want to do engagement pics again just because there are SO many cute ideas on Pinterest!:)

Following you now!! :)

Alisa Cox said... [Reply]

Make sure you check out etsy, there are a ton of shops who specialize in photo props!