Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I have completed my 6th semester of nursing school! 
I cannot believe I only have one more to go! 

I would be celebrating, but I have come down with an unknown illness and the Dr. put me on antibiotics. All I have to say is I am thankful it is not pneumonia.  All of my symptoms had them thinking it was, but the chest x-ray came back clear, thank goodness! Right now I am just praying that the antibiotics do the trick and I will be better in no time. (: So I may be behind on blogging somewhat because I am totally exhausted and have a wedding coming up this weekend. I will take lots of pictures to share though. 

Tomorrow I will be packing, cleaning, and am getting a well-deserved mani pedi with Little Miss Southern Love

Hope y'all have a happy hump day! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Lovin' Saturdays

Having class all summer didn't leave much time for fun, but I found this adorable link up with Pouty Pink Princess. With my two week summer break coming up and am super excited to write about what I am loving about this summer.

This summer I'm loving...

The instagram iPhone app and editing pictures on it.

The beach- one of my favorite summer spots.

mKw & I both have pregnant cousins due in AUGUST! (:
I want to be a labor & delivery or NICU nurse.. so I am beyond excited to welcome two baby boys!
My friend's beautiful baby girl

Spending time with my wonderful fiancé, when we are not at school.

There are a few weeks left to link up!
What are you loving this summer?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday! (:

I haven't done a Thankful Thursday in a long time. Two weeks ago was my married bestie's 1 year wedding anniversary! I thought I would show you a few of my favorite pictures from her beautiful wedding & the anniversary present we got her and her hubby. When I think about all of my closest friends I think about this...
A friend is one who strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love and encourages you with hope.
Favorite two pictures- Hugging after the ceremony & bridal party pictures at her house

No hook to keep the dress shut.. no problem thanks to D at Lucky Design! I don't know of any Bride that could stay that calm as their maid of honor/ sister sews their dress. The hook was missing on the and the zipper couldn't stay up without it. 

Beautiful kCl & bridesmaids with her hook & I all in place! 
kCl & D's beautiful backyard! 

Dancing with the bride & groom!
MK pulled out his pink pants so he could match me. 

Marcus caught the garter! (: 
FUN FACT: One month earlier and dSn's wedding I caught the bouquet! I was super close to catching kCl's as well. 

So lucky to have this girl as my Matron of Honor<3 

The first picture, last picture and bridal party pictures are by her professional photographer. I booked the same person as soon as we got engaged. Isn't she amazing?

Now on to the anniversary present...
Mk & I got a picnic basket! (: 

They loved it & we are so glad God has blessed us with their friendship.
I am so thankful for kCl & her husband's love and support! 

** Don't forget to stop by kCl's sister's blog Lucky Design! I love looking at the posts. D and her friend L make some really cute clothes.**

Make it a great Thursday y'all! 

p.s. Portuguese Prepster is having a really cute Lilly giveaway! (: Don't forget to enter! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday!

Today I am linking up with Elizabeth again! 

Lately I have noticed I have been slacking on some planning and need to step it up when I have some time off from nursing school in August! (: I have recently been perusing pictures to inspire centerpieces for the rehearsal dinner and reception and I have come to the conclusion... I really like mason jars and will probably fill my home with them! Here are some of my favorite pictures that I have found. 

Isn't this such a neat idea? I just had to share it! {via}

So creative! {via}

Beautiful floral arrangements {via}

So cute! {via}

At my married bestie's {kCl} wedding her florist used our bridesmaid bouquets in the centerpieces. I thought This was a great idea. It puts the bouquets on display instead of just laying around at the reception. So with my 8 Bridesmaids I would like them possibly in mason jars on the head table. 

What do you think?

Monday, July 18, 2011


Whoa. I never knew I could really miss blogging and reading this much! I feel so behind! I have been super busy with a family wedding and finishing up my summer semester of nursing school.

I am trying to catch up on some reading & commenting right now. I will start tomorrow with another Bridal talk Tuesday. My third one in a row.. I need to start keeping up better.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the past 2 weeks! <3 
Can you tell we are suckers for seersucker? 
MK's brother's rehearsal dinner. 

I missed everyone! (:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Mom's wedding dress!

Bridal Talk Tuesday! (:

Soon after I got engaged...[engagement post]
It was time for Thanksgiving break. It was a great time to forget about nursing school and let the engagement settle in! Over the break my mom had a nice idea to pull out her wedding dress for me to try on for her and my grandma. I am not wearing my mom's wedding dress, but it was a great memory to spend time with her and my grandma. <3

We had so much fun! It does not look quite the same, but it does look great after all these years.
Are you going to wear or try on your moms wedding dress? 

Happy Tuesday everyone 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bridal Talk Tuesday!

FIRST OFF... I am super excited that I woke up to 101 followers! Hooray thanks for following, I love you all! I really love your comments and appreciate the input when I comes to wedding stuff! Thanks for following & your sweet comments. <3  Now on to Bridal Talk Tuesday! (: 

Linking up with Elizabeth again this week! 

Last week I mentioned how we are trying to get some of the small details out of the way. When I have a break from school I hope to get some bigger things accomplished. Today I want to share the song I want to use to walk down the isle. It is a wonderful song that my bestie kCl shared with me. Ignore the song composer's laugh in the beginning. lol

What do you think?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's a Love Story (:

Just last week on Little Miss Southern Love's BIRTHDAY & 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with [KP]... SHE GOT ENGAGED! (: I couldn't be happier for one of my best friends! <3

Naturally, when I woke up on Tuesday June 28th, I grabbed my macbook to start reading blogs. Maybe 5 minuets later, my phone rang... "Yeahhhh, I'm chillin' on a dirt road. Laid back swerving like I'm George Jones!" <-- Little Miss Southern Love's ringtone!

Don't judge my Autobot sticker. lol

I was a little confused, she almost always wakes up later than I do on days off. With good reason Little Miss Southern Love woke up early to go fishing with [KP]. As soon as soon as I said hello she said "I'm engaged!" Immediately I started to cry from excitement and responded with, "Shut up!" 

How the engagement happened...

Engagement/ Birthday dinner, when I got to see the 
beautiful BRIDE TO BE and her gorgeous ring! 

mKw & I outside the restaurant 

Nursing girls with the Bride-to-be. Show off that BLING! (: 

Wanna see her rock? Be sure to stop by Little Miss Southern Love's blog if you haven't already!

Have a Safe & Happy 4th of July!!

P.S. I added a iPhone wallpaper in Pink Cherry Begonias. (: