Friday, January 20, 2012

Guilt Free Ranch Dip!

As soon as I saw this idea on Pinterest I had to try it! For me this is the ULTIMATE GUILT FREE DIP!! I love dipping veggie's in ranch, so this will probably be my go to snack from now on. With my wedding only 99 DAYS AWAY... I think this is the perfect snack to munch on.
recipe via undressed skeleton found on Pinterest
I'm not kidding you have to try it! 
TIP: Only add the ranch packet to taste! You just need to have
the right balance. Adding the whole packet is WAY more than you 
will need! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cookie Exchange

One of my favorite things to do around Christmas is a cookie exchange! There is nothing more fun than having girlfriends over. Not to mention a night filled with yummy treats and delicious drinks. Kyndra @ Little Miss Southern Love and I invited some friends to exchange christmas goodies. Since this was my second year hosting a cookie exchange, I am always keeping new ideas in mind for the following year.

How we do it..
Everyone picks a different holiday treat
anything from traditional to grandma's secret recipe
Don't for get the plate
everyone brings their own plate to collect all the yummies
Set it up
We put all the cookies on a table and stare as we casually cocktail and catch up with each other.
Near the end of the night
We trade by circling around the table with our dish taking some from each tray.

If you have never done a cookie exchange you should definitely keep it in mind for next year! They are always fun and you get to leave with so many wonderful treats. Let me just tell you, I ate cookies for breakfast almost everyday until after Christmas. 

2010 Cookie Exchange
2011 Cookie Exchange
Me and my best friends! 

Have you ever had or attended a cookie exchange?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday- Invitations

Linking up with Elizabeth again for Bridal Talk Tuesday!

Currently my biggest task is picking invites. Right now I pretty much have my mind made up I just need to find the folders. A local printer in the area said he can print the inserts and the main invitation. So I am hunting for navy folders. If you know of any places to check out let me know. Here are some of the stationary ideas that I love!

I really like these layered pocket folder invitations.
via pinterest
I am thinking this is a cute idea for the reply cards.
via Pinterest
Layered ceremony programs
via Pinterest
Booklet style ceremony programs
via Pinterest
What do you think?
xoxo, Beverly

Saturday, January 7, 2012

While I was absent..

I spent lots of time with Kyndra
Who I give MAJOR props to, for keeping up with her blog during our last/most hectic semester in nursing school! In our spare time we have gotten mani pedis, shopped, purchased her wedding dress, graduated, celebrated my 23rd birthday, and hosted a cookie exchange! 

I am also very excited that she asked 
me to be her matron of honor!! 
I opened the bag she gave me and out came this monogrammed marley lilly wristlet, which had an adorable tag attached to it! I definitely shed a few happy tears, when I read it! She certainly surprised me and I am so excited to be apart of her BIG DAY! 

Don't you LOVE my new accessory? I DO! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Will be the best year yet!

Out for drinks enjoying the last of 2011!
kCl & I celebrating NYE with her hubby and my future hubby!!
I know, I have been a total slacker the past couple months. Time has been flying by and I still cannot believe MK and I are both college graduates. While he is job hunting, I will be studying for my NCLEX and finishing up the wedding planning.

Has anyone worked on their New Year's Resolutions? I would love to hear them! The only one I have settled on so far is eating more real food. I was so busy the last semester of nursing school I was not taking the time to take care of myself. My conclusion, nurses cannot take care of others if they don't start with themselves. Here is to eating more real food and taking the time to prepare meals ahead of time!

What is your New Year's Resolution?
Beverly Sue