Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Will be the best year yet!

Out for drinks enjoying the last of 2011!
kCl & I celebrating NYE with her hubby and my future hubby!!
I know, I have been a total slacker the past couple months. Time has been flying by and I still cannot believe MK and I are both college graduates. While he is job hunting, I will be studying for my NCLEX and finishing up the wedding planning.

Has anyone worked on their New Year's Resolutions? I would love to hear them! The only one I have settled on so far is eating more real food. I was so busy the last semester of nursing school I was not taking the time to take care of myself. My conclusion, nurses cannot take care of others if they don't start with themselves. Here is to eating more real food and taking the time to prepare meals ahead of time!

What is your New Year's Resolution?
Beverly Sue

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Elizabeth said... [Reply]

What a great resolution! One of mine is to keep up the workout routine and the healthy eating Corey and I have started this fall. Its so hard to slack with its freezing outside!

So excited for you being done with school! Can't wait to read an update on your wedding planning! Getting so close for you! Maybe in the next BTT?


Rebecca said... [Reply]

I know what you mean about real food! It's hard to find the time to cook a meal sometimes!

Amanda said... [Reply]

I'm sure your real food goal will be accomplished ;) Happy New Year! ANd here's to a great 2012. P.S. M and I off-handedly mentioned making a trip to Disney World this year, it could be a great double date/chance for us to finally meet!

Portuguese Prepster said... [Reply]

nice to have you back! I need to stop eating out all the time too!

Kaitlyn said... [Reply]

I stumbled upon your blog today while browsing and I'm a new follower. It's adorable! Happy New Year! Delta Love, Kaitlyn

Samantha Lynne said... [Reply]

Just started following your blog. It's so cute! I love the Florida gators too! I'm actually about 40 mins from gville. If u have a sec come by and check out my blog :)