Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cookie Exchange

One of my favorite things to do around Christmas is a cookie exchange! There is nothing more fun than having girlfriends over. Not to mention a night filled with yummy treats and delicious drinks. Kyndra @ Little Miss Southern Love and I invited some friends to exchange christmas goodies. Since this was my second year hosting a cookie exchange, I am always keeping new ideas in mind for the following year.

How we do it..
Everyone picks a different holiday treat
anything from traditional to grandma's secret recipe
Don't for get the plate
everyone brings their own plate to collect all the yummies
Set it up
We put all the cookies on a table and stare as we casually cocktail and catch up with each other.
Near the end of the night
We trade by circling around the table with our dish taking some from each tray.

If you have never done a cookie exchange you should definitely keep it in mind for next year! They are always fun and you get to leave with so many wonderful treats. Let me just tell you, I ate cookies for breakfast almost everyday until after Christmas. 

2010 Cookie Exchange
2011 Cookie Exchange
Me and my best friends! 

Have you ever had or attended a cookie exchange?

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-Crystal said... [Reply]

How Fun! I have always wanted to participate in one of these! everything looks so good!

The Morrows said... [Reply]

YUM!!! I have always wanted to have a Cookie Swap. I could eat my way down the entire table:)

Erixsson said... [Reply]

Cute blog! I will check it out more, you got a new follower :DD +1

Preppy Pink Crocodile said... [Reply]

Looks delish!!

Amanda said... [Reply]

Delicious! I would love to do a cookie exchange! Maybe I can do a spring time cookie exchange?

Sundresses and Smiles said... [Reply]

What a fun tradition!!

Allison said... [Reply]

How fun!!

LuckyDesign said... [Reply]

So so yummy!!!

The English Preppy said... [Reply]

Hi from a new reader! That looks like so much fun - and the treats look delectable!